Anglo Saxon Work Boxes


    Small copper "work box", about 2" long, based on Anglo Saxon examples. These are very rudamentory with crude punchwork and riviting, done entirely from sheet.

    In keeping with the style I tried not to refine it too much. Realized too late that the points/dots were too big, so it really just looks kindof muddled, but this was a prototype so I went ahead with it. The rim is much bigger than the example because it was really hard to get the rivites so close to the edge. After having done a bunch I think I could do it now.

    Another view


    Originally deemed "thread boxes" because they were found with textiles, or even reliquaries, the term "work box" seems to be settled on by archaeologists. Given the wide variety of contents, I'm sure they were used for whatever the wearer deemed appropriate, and like most things in period, there were not set rules.

    This would have been part of an Anglo Saxon womans chatelaine, along with keys and other trappings of position.

    Smaller boxes


    These are some smaller boxes, also based on extant examples.