Lilies War Bronze Casting Classes 2011


    Some of the students in the bronze casting and/or fettling class.

    Student brooches


    Student brooches from the fettling (finishing) class. This year I added 2 classes where students take an as-is pre-cast piece and finish it. I thought it would take about an hour but we ended up going most of the day. Students used as many medieval tools as possible to finish the piece. This turned out to be a very popular class, and I plan to repeat it with more sessions next year.

    Not only did they learn just how much goes into finishing a cast piece, but how much you can alter and customize it in the process as well.

    Hearth Setup


    This years setup for the melting hearth was a simple arrangement of stones gathered from around site, using site-made crucibles from clay gathered at the lake. I particularly like the little Irish triangular crucibles because it's easy to add large scrap to them, and they sit in the fire better.

    Hearth closeup


    Close up of the hearth.

    Wind Furnace


    Action shot of Master Geralds wind furnace, based on Theophilus. They not only achieved bronze melting temps, they exceeded it and liquified the crucibles and plinth. Moderation is the key...

    Of course, what good is 2200F if you can't roast marshmallows over it?

    Sui's first forge welding


    Our guest glassworker from Australia, Sui, and his first attempt at forge welding. I believe this was immediatly followed by the traditional "dance of the hot iron slag in my sandles" routine.